Step by Step to Build a Hairpin Leg Table Set
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"I built a simple but slick looking hairpin leg table with your help. 

I put it in my office and it makes a great place to write and work. 

My friends and family think I bought it for $300! 

Little do they know, it only took 15 minutes & only $40 to build! Bam! Thanks Kris" 
- Jason
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Get Instant Access To How To Build a Hairpin Leg Table Set for FREE!
Get Instant Access To How To Build a Hairpin Leg Table Set for FREE!
Spread the word, Harry's Hairping Legs provides information and guides to help the world build better hairpin leg tables.
How to Build a Hairpin Leg Table Set: 
What this book will teach you
This guide was extracted out of our Full Program. And inside, you will learn how to build not just one, but two hairpin leg tables. That's right, when Kris Wolf created this walkthrough, he went all out. 
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • Who wants to spend $$$$ on materials? Not me. That's why this guide is focused on using materials you can find at your local re-purposed home store.
  • Aside from saving you money on materials, this guide will show you how to build a set of upcycled furniture. Upcycling is HOT right now and your friends and family will love to hear the story behind this table set.
  • If you decide to sell the table, and not keep it, the new owner will warm the heart of the new table owner knowing that this table set was upcycled.
  • This complimentary guide is packed with table building tips. Often times, you'll have to clean up re-purposed materials. That's why we even included tips and tricks on removing debris and obstructions that can get in the way of installing hairpin legs.
  • It's the perfect way for you to preview our Full Program. Kris Wolf created a full program called: The Complete Guide to Creating Hairpin Leg Tables from Recycled Material. Whether or not you decide to join us, you can get instant access to this guide today.
Get The Guide That Shows You Step-by-Step How to Build Beautiful Glass-top Hairpin Leg Tables From Re-Purposed Cupboard Doors... 

But Trust Me - And The Compliments You Will Hear About Your Table Set - Despite The Cheap Building Materials... 

These Look Like a Million Bucks! And I Will Show You Every Step You Take To Build Them. 
About The Author
Kris Wolf
Inside this guide, you'll get an inside look at Kris Wolf's workshop - where many projects have come together. And it's the same place where Kris created a full program called, The Complete Guide to Creating Hairpin Leg Tables from Recycled Material
You will love how clearly he explains the steps to putting together this table set. 
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Take a Look at the Table Set You Will Build with This Guide:
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